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A roommate may vacate the home or apartment you share for any number of reasons. He may be vacating for personal issues unrelated to your living situation, the two of you may not be compatible living together, his job may be transferring to a different city and more. Whether he is leaving on good terms or bad terms, such a change will have many effects on your life. Any time a person who you have been sharing a home or apartment with leaves, there are a few key steps that you should follow.

Read Your Lease 
First, take a moment to read through the rental agreement. If your roommate is a co-signor on the lease, he will need to sign an agreement to relinquish rights to live in the space. The issue of the security deposit should be addressed up-front as well. If a new lease needs to be drafted, the landlord may adjust the rent that you pay based on market rents. Keep in mind that the landlord may not agree to revise the lease agreement regarding Locksmith New Haven, and your roommate may continue to have rights to live there. If this is the case, he also may need to continue paying his share of the rent until the lease is up.

Review Housing Expenses 
When your roommate moves out, you inevitably will experience some changes to your budget. Your landlord may increase your rental amount if your lease is revised. Your roommate will no longer pay for his share of the utilities, the cable TV and more. You may be able to handle these adjustments to your budget with ease, or you may need to find a new roommate to replace the one who is vacating.

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